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Pouring Resin Board Model

  CC6010 CC6503 CC6504 CC6506 CC6507
Clor Reddish brown Blue White rice Dark grey Olive green
Density 0.8 1.85 1.87 1.9 1.4
Hardness 65-70 85-90 85-90 90-95 85-90
The coefficient of  65-70 40-45 40 35 50-55
thermal expansion
Temperature change 75-80 80 80 110 75-80
Compressive strength 35-40 95-105 90-100 120-130 85-95
Compression modulus 1300-1600 9500 10000 13000 3500-4000
Key Properties Surface detail Easy processing As with the RAKU-TOOL model board Compact structure, uniform, smooth surface, such as nickel bowl surface as smooth;without the need of two processing, can save a lot of cost. Easy processing Low coefficient of thermal expansion Good abrasion resistance High compressive strength / strong steel. Good abrasion resistance, mold without correction polishing, save time Mold weight is lighter than the ZamakQ, convenient loading and transportation, veryeasy to change The surface is very detailed Easy to Polish Good heat resistance High compressive strength Good chemical resistance According to the data on the die surface milling directly, save time More suitable for the production of sheet metal parts Surface detail Easy processing Good dimensional stability The wear resistance and good impact strength
Applications The benchmark model Sample model cubing Galvanobath model Multilayer model RIM mould Sheet metal forming Fixture The ceramic pressure die casting, Sheet metal forming, Vacuum forming mould, Laminated mould Template and core box, Check out, Tapping mold, Jig.

  CC6508 CC6101 CC6012 CC6515
Clor Grey Reddish brown Reddish brown White rice
Density 1.9 0.8 0.88 1.07
Hardness 88-93 65-70 65-70 80-85
The coefficient of  40-45 65-70 70-90 50-55
thermal expansion
Temperature change 80-85 75-80 55-65 70-80
Compressive strength 105-115 35-40 35-40 50-55
Compression modulus 11000 1300-1600 1000-1500 2500-3000
Key Properties The surface of good Tight uniform Easy processing Good abrasion resistance The surface is very detailed Easy processing Quality is similar to the RKU-TOOL model board Unbonded line No gap The surface is very detailed Easy processing No dust No good stability Quality is similar to the RKU-TOOL model board Easy processing The surface is very detailed Low coefficient of thermal expansion Good edge stability
Applications Check outElectroforming tank model, Laminated mould, RIM mould. The main model, Data model, Data control model. Other model The main model Data control model Large volume casting (above about 2000 liters) Skin mold making Rapid prototyping tool and model making Fixture manufacturing

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