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Project X60- Full color 3D Printer Series

ProJet X60 Series 

1、Printing speed provides the highest speed and large production of different application.
2、High resolution, provide the true model and precise details.
3、Color design, color and high quality can be the perfect embodiment of design.
4、The use of low cost, high quality and inexpensive, suitable for all applications.
5、Easy to use, the time spent on the design concept and not three-dimensional printing.
6、Safety, suitable and any standard office and school environment daily.

 ProJet X60系列技术规格参数

Forming mode
CPJ-ColorJet Printing
Parts Size
203 x 254 x 203mm-508 x 381 x 229 mm
Layer thickness range 0.1mm
Material Spotlight High performance composite powder
VisiJet ® C4 Spectrum ™ plastic material

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