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Project 3510CPX-Realwax 3D Printer Series

ProJet3510CPX Series

1、High precision, high resolution, investment casting.
2、Mass production with subtle details, 100% smooth surface and good resolution of the wax model.
3、ProJet ® molding machine series in increasing throughput and building size at the same time, also has the fine details, surface quality of higher characteristics.
4、The printing performance is good, high resolution and high production efficiency.
5、Used for jewelry casting clothing, minimally invasive medical equipment, medical equipment, electronic components, statues, imitation, collections etc..

 ProJet3510CPX series of technical specifications

Forming mode
MJM-Multi Jet Modeling
Parts Size 152*178*127mm~298*185*203mm
Layer thickness range 0.016mm~0.033mm
Material Spotlight Realwax
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