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Project 8000- SLA 3D Printer Series

Project 8000- SLA 3D Printer Series

1、Print out the surface quality of products, high resolution, clear edge, good toughness.
2、Two laser can work at the same time, with an amazing speed.
3、Has the best detail, accuracy and edge features in the 3D print large workpiece.
4、Seamless - print out a whole durable model
5、High utilization rate of materials - all without the use of material in the system.

  Project 8000- SLA 3D Printer Series Technical specifications

Forming mode
Parts Size
650 x 350 x 300 mm---650 x 750 x 550 mm
Layer thickness range 0.05~0.15mm
Material Spotlight The gray plastic hard; steel heat-resistant plastic; plastic; white super hard plastics; flexible plastic

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